Welcome to Christian Hauzar’s Lichtbildbude Blog

  Christian Hauzar You have landed on my blog where I am trying to keep visitors updated about new publications, interesting pictures outside my portfolio and experiences with equipment and vintage cameras. I am a dedicated wildlife enthusiast since childhood and my photography revolves around nature and especially rare and endangered animals. Check out my Wildlife Portfolio pages for some of my best work. Travel has taken me to some very remote and fantastic places like Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Panama, Malawi, Zambia, Cape Verde, Grenada & Carriacou, Martinique, Gouadeloupe and many more. I never try to set up animals or people in a show way putting more effort in catching their true behavior and habitat. Most of my work is done with Olympus digital camera gear. The lenses in use for wildlife and wide angle shots are mostly Zuiko pro glass. The great advantage of using a Micro Four Thirds camera makes it also possible to attach vintage legacy lenses made by Leitz/Leica and various other manufacturers. Recently I have also gone back to using vintage Leica 35mm film cameras to slow things down and put more thought into the pictures. it also aides to improve my knowledge of the manual basics of photography and improve composition. I hope you enjoy my website and my recent work.